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Isle of Wight Butter Crunch

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A crunchy all butter biscuit in three varieties. Original (no additions just a gorgeous buttery taste), Ginger (a crunchy biscuit with a spicy bite) and chocolate chip (delicious pockets of plain chocolate).

Our baker, Mo, discovered this recipe and made it something special with a few additional secrets of her own. It is relatively new to our repertoire. All three varieties are utterly sublime when dunked, naughty but very nice.
These can be purchased in cellophane packs or drums.


Choc Chip Butter Crunch Drum

  • £3.38

Ginger Butter Crunch Drum

  • £3.38

Original Butter Crunch Drum

  • £3.38

Choc Chip Butter Crunch Packet

  • £2.13

Ginger Butter Crunch Packet

  • £2.13

Original Butter Crunch Packet

  • £2.13