The Isle of Wight Biscuit Company

Isle of Wight Farmhouse Cookies

This is our oldest recipe and is a more rustic chunkier style biscuit. The slightly denser texture is achieved by the addition of rolled oats and reminds us of traditional country fare. We can imagine farm workers in a bygone age having them in their nammet (Isle of Wight speak for a lunch box) eating them whilst ploughing or harvesting. A real mans biscuit if ever there was one! One customer liked them so much he insisted that they were used as wedding favours when he married in South Africa.

There are several varieties of Farmhouse cookies, Ginger (a real grown-up taste), hazelnut and sultana (fruity and nutty), dairy cream (smooth and delicious), chocolate chip (for chocoholics) and walnut (a generous helping of nuts). They can be purchased in cellophane packets or drums.

hazelnut cookie packet

Hazelnut & Sultana Cookies Packet

  • £1.92

Walnut Cookies Packet

  • £1.92
choc chip cookie drum

Choc Chip Cookies with Dairy Cream Drum

  • £3.48
dairy cream

Dairy Cream Cookies Drum

  • £3.48
ginger cookie drum

Ginger Cookies Drum

  • £3.48
hazelnut cookie drum

Hazelnut & Sultana Cookies Drum

  • £3.48