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Isle of Wight Savoury Range

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We don't just make sweet biscuits on our farm we make savoury ones too. We have a delicious range of Farmhouse Ryes which are incredibly popular with cheese, chutneys and make a perfect after dinner accompaniment.

Our octagonal wafer thin rye biscuits are made from rye flour which gives them the rich dark colour. Because it is difficult to separate the germ and bran from the endosperm of rye, rye flour retains a large quantity of nutrients. Rye grain inherently has a much reduced level of gluten and is an excellent source of fibre.

We make them in a variety of flavours including Natural, Sesame, Chilli & Sesame, Celery, and Poppyseed, these are available for purchase in cellophane packets.

The Isle of Wight is well known for its garlic and one of our most popular products is our Garlic Crackers. These are a multigrain cracker with added garlic. The flavour is not overpowering just a hint! Add some cheese for a delicious snack. These are available in cellophane packets


Celery Seed Ryes

  • £2.44
chilli sesame ryes

Chilli & Sesame Ryes

  • £2.44

Natural Ryes

  • £2.44
poppy seed ryes

Poppy Seed Ryes

  • £2.44
sesam seed ryes

Sesame Seed Ryes

  • £2.44

Garlic Crackers

  • £2.70